Boosting Your Health by Following a Few Simple Tips

Eating to stay healthy does not mean that you have to give up the type of food you adore, or that you have to abide by stringent dietary limitations. It is far more about making a few changes to have more energy, feel in tip top condition, and give your overall health a boost. There is a huge amount of dietary and nutritional advice everywhere you look, but the key is to just follow simple guiddoctor-1461911687BZxelines so that you stay healthy with a deliciously varied menu.

The first thing to understand is that you only have to make a few gradual changes over a period of time whenever you feel comfortable doing so. The first one is substituting some of the canned and packaged processed food you buy, for fresh live food. Remember that we are living beings and highly processed food which might be full of unhealthy chemicals, which is not what our organisms were designed for digesting. So for example, substitute packaged shepherd’s pie for a home made version. And frozen peas and canned peaches for fresh ones when in season.

The second one is slowly substituting white bread, white rice and white pasta for their wholegrain counterparts. Start with one of these, such as bread, and then after six or eight weeks, introduce another, and then do the same for the final one. There are a number of choices available. For example, the bread could be wheat, spelt or rye; the pasta could be wheat or spelt; and the rice could be brown basmati, red rice, wild rice or black rice.

The third guideline is substituting unhealthy fats such as sunflower and corn oil, with super healthy fats such as coconut and olive oil. Grilling and baking instead of frying is also advised, as is avoiding all food which contains trans fat.

The final and fourth guideline is to drink 1.5 to 2 litres of water per day. This will ensure you are well hydrated and help your body to flush out accumulated toxins and waste products.

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