Choosing a Hospital to Suit Your Needs

Generally speaking, in England, you are allowed to pick the hospital that you would like to attend when your doctor initially refers you for an outpatient appointment. The choice includes a large number of NHS and private hospitals, the latter of which work in association with the NHS.

In order to look at your choice of hospitals, and the ones that are closest to your home, you need to visit the NHS “Services Near You” web page. This is very useful, as you can look throudoctor-with-tabletgh the remarks that other people have left regarding the experiences they have had in the facilities they were treated in.

Many people choose a particular hospital because of a consultant working there. The NHS has a web page with a “Consultant Search” facility. This is very beneficial, as prior to your initial outpatient’s appointment, you are able to find out important details about doctors you may be interested in. For example, you are able to see just how successful a certain specialist is at performing a specific operation, and how many times he or she has carried it out. There is also data on mortality statistics, adverse events, rates of complications, and other quality measurements. It is also easy to compare different English hospital consultants who specialise in a similar fields.

The NHS website has a very interesting video to help you make a choice as to which consultant will be right for your needs. Once you have made a decision, then you can see which hospitals employ that type of professional. The short clip is entitled “What is a Consultant?” As soon as you are clear on the hospital you want to go to, either you or your doctor can go to the online e-Referral Service where your initial outpatient appointment can be arranged.

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