Easy Ways to Live a Happier and Longer Life

Longevity is common in individuals who have a happy outlook and look after their well-being. A great deal has been learned from inhabitants of remote regions around the globe who regularly live to the grand age of a hundred, and appear to enjoy exceptional health. But what secrets do they hold that st111 (1)ep-up their lifespan? The answer is eating the right food, being active, living in a simple, stress-free manner, and socialising.

Most of the world’s centenarians live in a unassuming way. This includes eating modestly, and not over indulging like so many people, who as a result, suffer from serious diseases. Their food is normally plant-based, and includes a broad spectrum of fruit and vegetables, seeds, nuts, whole grains, beans and lentils. Clearly, this is strikingly different to the highly processed diet of the West, where many of the natural wholesome ingredients are stripped away. Adhering to a large breakfast, moderate lunch, and light evening meal is also paramount to optimal living.

Remaining active throughout one’s life is just as crucial as practising healthy eating. This does not have to involve anything too strenuous, and can be a daily walk, playing golf, swimming, gardening, cycling on a stationary bicycle, or doing a few simple tai chi or yoga movements. The important thing is doing something enjoyable as regularly as possible.

Cutting down stress is mandatory, as high levels of it can bring on various illnesses, and take the enjoyment and happiness away from living life to the fullest. De-stressing is much easier than people think, and it is just a question of putting aside 15 to 30 minutes a day to shut out the outside world, and regain equilibrium and peace. Listening to something as simple and available as binaural beats from Youtube for de-stressing can make a huge difference, as can meditation and deep breathing. Socialising and having fun is also an excellent stress buster. Watching a great film, especially a comedy, can also make you smile, and smiling actually benefits our biological functioning!

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