How to Choose a Suitable Doctor

Finding a new doctor can be a challenging task, especially if you have relocated to a new area. One positive thing you can do is to ask friends, neighbours or co-workers for a recommendation, although you must keep in mind that it is crucial to register with someone who is best for your individual requirements, and that their practice must be easily accessible. Another omedicoption is looking at the NHS “Services Near You” page, to read patients’ comments on the way they find various practices.

Ever since 2015, all English surgeries have been allowed to voluntarily take on new patients who do not reside within their boundary area. This flexibility makes things much easier for citizens, as they can join a practice which is conveniently close to their youngsters’ school, or their place of work. The surgeries are, however, at liberty to refuse your registration, but if they do so, they must inform you as to why this is. Furthermore, you should be aware that if you register with a practice outside your boundaries, it can impact your access to health services in the community, as well as NHS determinations regarding hospital treatment or test referrals.

Finding the right doctor necessitates a little amount of research. This should include: checking the surgery’s performance and services on the web, and paying a visit to the building to see the facilities for yourself. While there, you can ask the receptionist for further details, such as which doctors are taking on new patients; the days and times that the surgery is open for appointments with the doctor; and whether the street you live in would be covered for emergency home visits. If you are happy with what you have been told, you can ask for a registration form. The receptionist will tell you if you need to take along any verification of your identity and address.

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