Information on the National Health Service

In 1948, the National Health Service (NHS) was established in England with the aim of providing everyone in the country with a good standard of free healthcare, irrespective of their income. At present time, all 60 million plus residents of the United Kingdom are entitled to free healthcare at doctor’s surgeries, and in NHS clinics and hospitals. There are only a limited number of services which are not free. These include dental services, optical servafa8701c71aff184b10d97468b392069ices, and prescription medication along with medical devices.

Incredibly, every 1.5 days, the English NHS serves in excess of 1 million patients. The NHS incorporates a broad spectrum of services including: care for those who are terminally ill, emergency treatment, organ transplants, treatment for chronic and acute conditions, regular screenings, and antenatal screening.

When the British healthcare system was compared to that of ten other nations, the Commonwealth Fund stated that in general, the NHS was the most formidable. It was classed as the foremost system in relation to: cost-related difficulties, patient-centred attention, co-ordinated aid, safe care, effective care and skillfullness. In the equity sector, it was classed as second. Furthermore, in excess of 1.2 million employees work for the NHS, making it one of the biggest work forces in the world. From these employees, there are a huge number of staff who clinically qualified. For example, there are: over 150,000 doctors, over 40,000 GPs, over 300,000 health visitors and nurses, more than 111,000 community health service and hospital dental and medical personnel, and close to 19,000 members of the ambulance force.

The financing of the NHS is derived from national insurance taxation. This payment system was backed up via legislation in 2013, when it went through a legal transformation. Back in 1948, when the NHS was founded, its budget was £437 million, in the financial year of 2015 to 2016, the budget exceeded a staggering £116 Billion.

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