What to Do After A Hip Replacement

Undergoing hip replacement surgery is not easy, and once you have been through the procedure, it is crucial to ensure that you do all you can to look after yourself to build up your strength and heal.

It is essential to help fortify the hip joint and regain full motion, and this can be done at home every day by carrying our minimal exercises as recommended by your physical therapist and orthopaedic surgeon. Practicing these doctor-1015626_960_720regularly is mandatory for an optimal recovery, and your therapist will assist you in this regard.

It is likely that you will require help for various everyday tasks such as personal bathing, going to the toilet, dressing, cooking, shopping and keeping the house clean. Hygiene is of prime importance due to the risk of infection after surgery, and if you live alone, asking a friend or relative to help out by regularly calling in to assist you is essential. Keeping the kitchen, bedroom, salon and bathroom very clean, as well as frequently changing the bed linen, should be on your list of priorities. You will also have to make arrangements for transport for your medical check-ups at the hospital and doctor’s surgery, as you will be unable to drive for a number of weeks. Having a cordless or mobile phone with you all the time is highly recommended in case you need immediate assistance.

Spending your time in a comfortable stress-free environment is vital to the healing process which needs to be on both a physical and mental level. As you will be confined to the house for a substantial period of time, be sure to arrange things which will keep you occupied. These include unlimited use of the Internet, satellite television, access to an online casino, a selection of DVDs and CDs, and the use of a radio. You may also like to have a good selection of books and magazines. Having a comfortable bed and sofa with suitable cushions to rest back on is also a good idea. Many of these things will allow you to pass your time as pleasantly as possible.

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